The Café Collection: Tak for Kaffe

At the suggestion of my friend Simone (who seems to be the person to turn to when I'm in need of discovering more cool places in Copenhagen) we dived into the city center once more to get ourselves a nice cup of coffee, and found ourselves at Tak For Kaffe this time. This is definitely one of the most cosy places we've been at so far, and I love it!

The café itself is very modest in size, which means you will have to be slightly lucky for a place to sit down, but they make up for that with a small amount of seats outside. The amount of choices on the menu, however, is definitely grand! And I'm actually not only talking about the coffee, but also about their fantastic home-baked pastries. Be sure to try the drømmekage if it's on the menu of the day, it's delicious!

Beside the fact that Tak For Kaffe serves as a great coffee place to enjoy a break during your shopping trip or to check out your email with a hot beverage in your hand, it also seems to serve as a meeting place for younger people, where they get together for fun or to spend time together while they discuss business or study, and that's exactly what I'm looking for in a Collection Café!

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