Rug for the Bedroom

I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have a rug in the bedroom. Though I really love the wooden floors we have, it would be so nice to have something soft to land on when getting out of the bed in the morning. And, it's a good opportunity to give the space some color, because there's a lot of neutral going on in there right now and it could definitely use something to brighten up the room.

Here are a couple of my favorites I found around the web:

These I found at Ilva are lovely and they look so soft, but the room would need a little more character then either of these can give it. My living room, however, wouldn't mind to give these a place. Not at all..

You can count on Ikea if you want to find something with a pop of color. The yellow rug is just so shiny and bright! And I love the pattern. But honestly, in a house with so much modern design and clean lines already going on I think I would love it much more to be able to mix styles and go for something a little more traditional. That's when my eye fell on the dark blue carpet, with it's perfect mix of modern color and design with a traditional, vintage feeling. I would totally be able to go for that. The one thing I wouldn't want to buy in Ikea at all, however, are their persian/oriental selection of rugs. They seem to have a quality that is not too great, and they are also quite overpriced for what you actually get.

And so I searched on until I found out about Carpetvista.

Their selection of rugs in any style you would like (I love the Persian/Afghan style) is grand, with rugs in any color. I love the details and the brightness of the colors. Though fairly priced and with a sale going on right now (!) you still got to be ready to fork over the money if you decide you want any of these. They are an investment though, because these rugs are items to stay.
Hey Santa, haven't I been really really really good this year?

Ps. For all my american readers, check out the give away to eSaleRugs from my fellow blogger Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook!

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