My little Kähler forest

After eyeing them for about a bazillion times in the stores, Sinterklaas (Santa's Dutch colleague) has gifted me last week with the best gift ever. Meet my little Kähler Avvento forest.

I honestly think this is one of the best holiday-themed items Kähler sells. They are cute, don't take so much space and you could use them separately for a little variation. Also, what makes me like them so much too, is that they don't scream "christmas", while they are still cosy.

I love the green color, because you know, christmas. But they also come in white and grey, which makes them less christmas/advent and more suitable for displaying in your interior the whole year round. They fit with small, christmas-tree-sized candles, which are luckily quite easy to find here in Denmark.

So, first christmas post is down! I know, it's not december yet, but I couldn't stop myself from sharing these. Do you have great advent calendar ideas? Let me know!

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