Memo Board DIY

Today I'm posting the DIY for this memo board, that I promised to share a few weeks ago. It is such an easy project, and a fun one too!

Remember how I reorganized my kitchen recently? I also put up a memo board to keep grocery lists, fun pictures, don't-forget-to-notes, postcards and other paper goods organized and close at hand.

Here's how I've done it:

I bought a medium sized cork memo board at the local hardware store, and decided to give it a base layer or two of white paint.

Then I drew on a chevron pattern with a ruler and a pencil. I had been looking to use some chevron pattern in the house, because I think it's really lovely and secretly gives a little retro feeling as well, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Of course you can draw on any pattern that you like, though I think something geometric and a little clean definitely looks the best.

I filled in the pattern with water based paint in a blue/green to get a nice contrast. Honestly, I wish that I hadn't used paint but used my paint pen instead (a Posca pen would have done the job quite well) to get a more even result and a more straight line at the edges. Oh well.

Finally, I added some texture by putting up ribbon in the same color scheme to the pattern (I totally forgot to make a picture of this step. Sorry!). Just wait until the paint is dry, and then stick on the ribbon with hobby glue in the pattern of your choice. Easy peasy.

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