I love you Denmark, but...

I've been living in Copenhagen for a little over two months now, and I love life here. People ask me a lot about if I can get used to a country that is different from Holland, and the truth is, it's actually not that different! Culture and everyday-life are actually really much alike. It's the small things that make a difference.

So I decided that for a change, I will share some of my findings here on HSC today. Here are 7 things about Denmark that are a surprise, and even a little weird to me:

1. Danish people are very proud about their country's colors. They wave the Danish flag whenever they get the chance, and especially on birthdays.
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2. When you order a hotdog at a "pølsevogn", you get your hotdog with ketchup, remoulade, maybe a bit of chopped onions, and, here it comes, pickles! Yes. They put sliced pickles on top of your hotdog. I still haven't found out how to eat it without the pickles ending anywhere but in my mouth.

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3. At the first friday in November, the special christmas beer, called "Julebryg", is released. And they actually make a whole event of it, calling it J-day. I'm not kidding.

4. Power outlets are very happy in Denmark.

5. When I got to meet my very friendly neighbor the first time when I had just moved in, she introduced herself and her daughter, telling me that her son wasn't around but that he was in the garden. At first I was a little confused because the small guy is only two years old, but when I looked outside my window I saw that she had put him in his pram with a big jacket and a hat and little gloves and a blanket on top, and had put him in the garden to take his afternoon nap. This has blown my mind but at the same time it fascinates me. I think that the common believe exists here in Denmark that children should spend as much of their time outside as possible, to get healthy fresh air while they play and do their things. And it doesn't matter how cold it is, they just get bundled up by their parents.

Some mothers even take it a step further, and park their prams outside at a store while they go in for shopping.

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6. Maybe it's the time of the year right now, but it rains. A LOT. I'm not going to pretend I'm not used to that, because Holland has it's own share of bad weather, but this is unlike anything I've seen.
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7. Candy is expensive. And when I mean expensive, I mean insanely, mind-blowingly expensive. Apparently the government has decided to raise tax on anything with a big amount of fat or sugar in it, making a small bag of candy around 30-40 kr. On the positive side, I got rid of my chocolate addiction.

Copenhagen, you have some seriously weird things that I need to get used to. But, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. So for all the Danish people reading this, please, don't get offended. I actually find myself adjusting to the Danish lifestyle in a very high pace, loving it more everyday.

How about you? Do you have weird or crazy little things that you bumped into in the city that you love? Let me know!

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