The Café Collection: Flottenheimer

As I announced in my previous post I would be writing about lovely places to work at if you don't feel like sticking to your home desk, and have a good bite or sip in the mean time! I have been wanting to share this café with you, but I haven't had the opportunity until now. It's called Flottenheimer, and you can find it in the center of Copenhagen.

Me and my friend Simone decided that it was that time again, to get out and get inspired!

Flottenheimer is a small but cosy café where you can enjoy a great lunch with tasty (!) sandwiches and the best herbal tea.
The robust country style environment with a modern touch here and there makes this a great place to get cosy and get some work done. And honestly, aren't those concrete topped tables to die for?!

Make sure to try their home made lemonade. It's pure heaven in a glass.

Isn't it amazing how a different environment can give you so much new input again?

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