Stationery Love: Knock Knock

My parents returned from a holiday in the US last week, and they introduced me to the notes made by Knock Knock

Instant. Love.

Their notes are witty, to-the-point, and have the greatest design. It just makes you instantly happy about the task you are about to do, the groceries you shouldn't forget, or the talk you're about to have with your boss. If you are a list person like me, this is just what you needed all along.

This is just exactly what I needed for my groceries. Especially because I always seem to forget everything I need on the list making moments (Jeppe has been trying to make me buy pepper for the last 3 weeks now). 

Visit the website to order yours. I have to warn you, you will become greedy (just like me), no doubt about it! And the great thing is, they ship to Denmark as well! Trust me, they make life so much more easy and so much more fun. Especially this one. And this one. Actually, all of them. And they make great gifts too!

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