How to style your kitchen shelves

Due to some reorganizing in our kitchen/living area, we decided to put up some shelves in the kitchen to be able to store our cups and glasses. But who says your kitchen storage can't look good? I decided to take the challenge and dive into some shelf styling.

Here are the rules that I put up for myself:

1. Storage must be useful. That means, most-used items should be close by to grab when you need them. I put the glasses and cups close by hand so I can just take a glass of water or grab a cup when I'm in desperate need for my morning coffee.

2. Add some color! Put up flowers to create a cosy feeling or put your nicest colorful items on display to add sparkle.

3. Pictures make this area pleasant to look at. By adding some pictures, I think the space really comes together and doesn't feel like it's just a storage opportunity, but also an addition to your kitchen interior. If you make your space feel more like an actual space and not just a storage, your everyday kitchen/cleaning/cooking tasks will become easier, too! (Like dishwashing! Okay, maybe not the dishwashing.)

Of course these are just guide lines. I put them up to create a way for myself to make the styling of these shelves more easy. Because you know, the possibilities are endless. That also means, there is no wrong way to do it! It's all about what is useful and pleasant to look at for you.

Also, did you notice the pin board hanging right there under the shelves? I really like to be able to pin my receipts, notes, scribbles and fun photo's and pictures I find on a pin board, to have them close by when I need them, and of course it adds some life to the room! I decided to do a bit of DIY on mine, so it's not just becoming one with the wall, but really stands out instead. I'll be posting the DIY for this pin board tomorrow!

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