DIY: Nightstands

I'm so excited to finally share one of the projects I've been working on lately! Our bedroom is slowly looking better and better as projects are getting finished and I figured we definitely needed some nightstands to have a place to put our things at night. We had two of those wall shelves shaped like cubes left over and I'd been thinking, while I definitely don't want them on the walls anywhere, they would actually make great nightstands after I'd done a little work on them.

Here's how I did it..

The two cubes where both a pretty heinous shade of purple so they needed a good rub with sandpaper. After prepping the surface by roughening up the previous layer of paint and taking of the dust with a wet cloth, I started the paint job.

I decided to go for Dyrup Dekstrem for wood and metal from Silvan in a nice emerald green color. They have lots of shades to choose from and the upside of painting with water based paint is, it's so much less messy! The consistency of the paint is in my experience quite thin though, so I needed three layers of paint as a minimum. In all honesty, I would prefer to use oil based paint, since the result is usually so much more even and shiny, but unfortunately oil based paint for private use is (except for clear lacquer) not available in Denmark.

I also picked up some legs to attach to the cubes, to give them a little more of a cupboard look. I got them 20 cm high, which suits our bed well, but you might just as well go for slightly shorter legs, depended on the hight of your bed.

I really love the way it turned out!

I use the little tray from Hay to put my jewelry at night. They come in all kinds of nice colors to fit your home (or your nightstand!)

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