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We haven't really had a chance to take a break from working on the house and work/study since we moved to Copenhagen last month, so we decided to put a hold on it for the last couple of days and spend some much-needed quality time together. Although I feel happier than I have been for a long time, I still have my though days when I miss my family and the little things that I was so used to in Holland. So it was definitely good to recharge for a bit. Thanks for sticking with me!

We decided to create a little desk area in the house, so we could have a designated place to keep all our study/work stuff. Our bedroom has a little nook in the corner of about 50x100 cm, that is perfectly suitable for a desk. I'm not overexcited to have a work area in my bedroom, since I think a bedroom should be a relaxing, comfortable place where the last thing you do is think about work, but it's our best option.

We also bought some shelves to put on the wall over the desk, so we can keep all our work related items close. In the meantime, I'm secretly peeking at nice stationery to make it even easier to commit to the everyday tasks.

Via Poppin

Poppin has really fun desk accessories in bright colors. I'd totally go for the aqua set here. Unfortunately they aren't shipping to Europe yet, but they might be in the near future!

Paperchase just has the loveliest stationery. I mean, don't these strawberry items just make you happy?

I've also been keeping my eyes open at Tiger for fun desk accessories. Their range of items comes in basically any color you can think of (the theme seems to be about mint, purple and emerald green at the moment!), and I love to just search through their selection every now and then, to see what's new. I'm posting about the finished desk area early next week, so hang on there!

Ps. If you are looking for inspiration on stationery and paper goods, check out managed by my fellow designer and blogger Nole Gary!

Pps. Sorry for the dull colored photo's I've been posting. I'm currently out of any program to adjust my photos (I can hardly even resize them), but editing programs are coming my way. So thanks for sticking with me here, I'm positive about exciting you with some nice images very soon!

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