Chandelier for the Living Room

As you know (I wrote about it here) I've been on the lookout for a chandelier that could fit our living room. I went by Silvan recently to pick up some sandpaper and paint supplies, and there it was! And for a bargain as well!

It isn't extremely big (probably 60 cm in diameter) but that's just fine for our living room. It's also a pretty horrible mix of colors right now, probably to make it look rustic and aged, but that really doesn't work for me. I'm planning on spray painting it (I'm thinking a dark blue, navy kind of color), to add some contrast to the light colors in our room.

I used these pictures as inspiration:

Via NY Times

Via Lonny

Via Habitually Chic

Via Lonny
I know that these chandeliers are all black. I'm not so much for using a lot of black in interiors (though I occasionally do) and I think that navy would just be a better fit for us, but I love how these chandeliers become real statement pieces in the room, and that's what I want to go for with my own, too.

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