The Café Collection: Designcafeen

After spending more then two weeks in the house, I'm starting to feel a little numb. There are a lot of projects that are about to get finished, but that I can't move forward with right this second. My friend Simone jumped in and invited me to join her to work outside of the house to get a bit of fresh air, and let me tell you, it has turned out to be the greatest idea ever! We decided to go to Designcafeen, and it has been a total inspiration. What's better then writing about interior design in a design café?!

Designcafeen is located in Østerbro, Copenhagen, and has a design store attached to its café. You can find a variety of brands, like Hay, Muuto and Kähler, in the store, as well as furniture of these brands in the café itself.

Cosy up in one of the comfortable Hay chairs and write on your project or read in your favorite book, while enjoying some tasty coffee or tea. They also serve the most tasty sandwiches, so make sure you're not missing out on those when you're there.

This change of scenery has definitely been good for my inspiration, and it seems like a great idea to share these great, cosy, café spots that I come across with you. That's why I want to introduce The Café Collection-series, which you will be able to find regularly on HSC from this week.

I love to share my favorite spots with you. Do you have any favorite spots where you like to hang out with friends or study/work during day time? Don't hesitate to share them!


  1. I like to hang out at a place called "Tak for kaffe" the scenery is modest, but there is a lot of people walking by, and who doesnt love looking out on passing pedestrians.. <3

  2. What a cute cafe. I especially love their hanging lightbulbs :)

    x Elizabeth of Thompson & Prince

    1. Yes! Those Muuto lamps definitely are some of my favorites, too. Thanks for your reaction here!


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