New chairs

I've found that Copenhagen has a pretty lively trade in vintage furniture and second hand home goods, and I love it. I like our interior to be light and modern, but at the same time I want fill our home with some vintage finds. Plus, I'm on a Budget. (Yes, with a capital. Sigh.) 

While visiting some of my neighborhood thrift stores, I came across these two beautiful thonet chairs. I just couldn't be happier about this find! They look pretty much untouched, like they haven't been used at all. At first I was a little reluctant about the idea of woven seats, because these chairs are going to be used a LOT. I got them for a really good price though, and I really really love the colour of the wood and the timeless style, that will fit into our living room perfectly.

Even though the wood is in perfect condition and I love the colour, I have to admit that I've been playing with the thought of painting them, just to spice them up a bit. I wouldn't touch the weaving, though.

via Jessica Pages Photography

I think either a burgundy red, or a peachy orange would give them just the touch up that they might need.

What do you think, paint or no paint?

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