Hello, Copenhagen!

What a week! I finally arrived in Copenhagen last week, and it feels so good! All the stuff I couldn't leave behind was coming with me in a van that we drove from Holland to Denmark and I can't wait to get unpacked and make the house that we live in now, which is a small flat just outside the city centre, suitable for two persons. Jeppe has been living in this house for five years now, and it needs a refreshing touch up.

Here's a little house tour, to give you and idea:

The living room
The kitchen
So let's start at the living room. It's a space that you could probably better call a large kitchen, since the living room and the kitchen are actually just one big room. We are aiming on making this room a kitchen with small dining area and a living room in one. That means that we will add a sofa and probably a chair to give this room a cosy spot, and it unfortunately means we will probably have to downsize on the dining area (a lot!). But because the house is quite small in size, we have to make choices and compromises.

The bedroom
The bedroom
We decided to start at the bedroom, and from there work through the house. Because of the fireplace, this room definitely needs a fresh layer of paint on the walls. Also, we have to find a solution for storing our clothes, because this box system might work out for a guy living alone, but it really doesn't for me.

I'm posting soon on our bedroom redo, and in the mean time I keep sharing ideas with you guys!

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