Art for the living room

We have several projects going on at the moment, but in my mind I'm already thinking about what would be nice wall art for our living room.

Above the sofa there is a big white wall that begs for a nice piece of art. A lot of options have been going through my mind about a large painting or maybe a gallery. However, our living room is pretty small in size and even though you can't really see it on the picture, our bookshelves are placed right beside the sofa on the right, and they bring a lot of colour with them.

That's where the idea crossed my mind of working with a big mirror. I think it would make the room look bigger (something we can definitely use!) and not as cramped as art would maybe do. So, I searched for some inspiration.


Ikea sells these tile like mirrors that come with 10 in a package. Wouldn't it be fun to make a nice mosaic with these? Also, it seems like they have sort of a bronze reflection, which I really like and what I think makes them a little more interesting then normal mirrors.

Via Jysk

Jysk has a pretty good price on most of the mirrors they sell. This one is only 599 dk.! The list is a plain white, which is fine of course, but painting it in a bright colour would definitely make it more interesting.

I also came across this great DIY mirror art! It's a fun combination of mirror and wall art in one. The uneven pieces make it interesting and reflect light at the same time.

Via Potholes&Pantyhose

Choices, choices! What do you think would make the best piece for over the sofa? Would you go for a mirror, or do you still like the idea of art?

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