DIY: Rose wreath

As you know from the previous post, I've been doing some decoration on our front door, and I thought a wreath would definitely do the trick on making our house look more cosy and holiday ready. So I put my self to work and created my own!

I used this and this clear and easy step-by-step tutorial that I found on Pinterest. Pinterest is such a great place to get some holiday DIY inspiration!

It's a bit time consuming to cut out all the pieces of paper and fold the roses, but the end result is totally worth it! And you could, like me, cuddle up on the sofa and do it while you watch a movie. I also love the way the magenta color turned out!

Ps. I'm on Pinterest too! Find me here!

Front door decoration

December is here, so let the christmas decoration begin! To start out, I decided to begin at the beginning; the front door.

We got some work in the planning to collectively paint the staircase and front doors of the building together with our neighbors, but it might be pushed to the spring to get it done. Our front door definitely needs a good touch up, but I decided to not let that get in the way of making things look a little more cosy.

A little green at the front door makes such a difference in making your home look cozy, holiday-ish and welcoming! I gave my little tree a bit of sparkle with some copper wire pendants, to get that christmas feeling going on. Also, did you notice the great ornaments and trimming that our house has? It gives the whole place so much atmosphere!

I think the best way to make your home feel cozy and holiday ready right when you walk in, is to hang a wreath on the door. This one was quite a lot of work to make, but I love how it turned out! I'll post more about it tomorrow!

My little Kähler forest

After eyeing them for about a bazillion times in the stores, Sinterklaas (Santa's Dutch colleague) has gifted me last week with the best gift ever. Meet my little Kähler Avvento forest.

I honestly think this is one of the best holiday-themed items Kähler sells. They are cute, don't take so much space and you could use them separately for a little variation. Also, what makes me like them so much too, is that they don't scream "christmas", while they are still cosy.

I love the green color, because you know, christmas. But they also come in white and grey, which makes them less christmas/advent and more suitable for displaying in your interior the whole year round. They fit with small, christmas-tree-sized candles, which are luckily quite easy to find here in Denmark.

So, first christmas post is down! I know, it's not december yet, but I couldn't stop myself from sharing these. Do you have great advent calendar ideas? Let me know!

Rug for the Bedroom

I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have a rug in the bedroom. Though I really love the wooden floors we have, it would be so nice to have something soft to land on when getting out of the bed in the morning. And, it's a good opportunity to give the space some color, because there's a lot of neutral going on in there right now and it could definitely use something to brighten up the room.

Here are a couple of my favorites I found around the web:

These I found at Ilva are lovely and they look so soft, but the room would need a little more character then either of these can give it. My living room, however, wouldn't mind to give these a place. Not at all..

You can count on Ikea if you want to find something with a pop of color. The yellow rug is just so shiny and bright! And I love the pattern. But honestly, in a house with so much modern design and clean lines already going on I think I would love it much more to be able to mix styles and go for something a little more traditional. That's when my eye fell on the dark blue carpet, with it's perfect mix of modern color and design with a traditional, vintage feeling. I would totally be able to go for that. The one thing I wouldn't want to buy in Ikea at all, however, are their persian/oriental selection of rugs. They seem to have a quality that is not too great, and they are also quite overpriced for what you actually get.

And so I searched on until I found out about Carpetvista.

Their selection of rugs in any style you would like (I love the Persian/Afghan style) is grand, with rugs in any color. I love the details and the brightness of the colors. Though fairly priced and with a sale going on right now (!) you still got to be ready to fork over the money if you decide you want any of these. They are an investment though, because these rugs are items to stay.
Hey Santa, haven't I been really really really good this year?

Ps. For all my american readers, check out the give away to eSaleRugs from my fellow blogger Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook!

The Café Collection: Tak for Kaffe

At the suggestion of my friend Simone (who seems to be the person to turn to when I'm in need of discovering more cool places in Copenhagen) we dived into the city center once more to get ourselves a nice cup of coffee, and found ourselves at Tak For Kaffe this time. This is definitely one of the most cosy places we've been at so far, and I love it!

The café itself is very modest in size, which means you will have to be slightly lucky for a place to sit down, but they make up for that with a small amount of seats outside. The amount of choices on the menu, however, is definitely grand! And I'm actually not only talking about the coffee, but also about their fantastic home-baked pastries. Be sure to try the drømmekage if it's on the menu of the day, it's delicious!

Beside the fact that Tak For Kaffe serves as a great coffee place to enjoy a break during your shopping trip or to check out your email with a hot beverage in your hand, it also seems to serve as a meeting place for younger people, where they get together for fun or to spend time together while they discuss business or study, and that's exactly what I'm looking for in a Collection Café!
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